Friday, June 5, 2009

Gemma doesn't blog here anymore

I haven't been blogging much lately, mostly due to the fact that I actually don't do anything since I don't have a job, money or any worthwhile hobbies.

Now this blog may betray me in that it lets everyone know that not only did I NOT go out last night but I stayed up watching Rage.

This clip just bugs me so fucking much.

Manchester Orchestra - "I've Got Friends"

I feel like it is everything that is wrong with hipsters right now.

Firstly, why is everyone wearing glasses, do they come from a magical land where macular degeneration reigns supreme?

The main characters are a boy and a girl who both look Asian but might not be. They are looking at Polaroids when the dude gets attacked by a bear (man in bear suit) and dies.

She goes to the cemetery to visit his grave while holding his obnoxious (probs lensless) glasses.

Everything but her is in sepia. The dude's spirit pops out of the grave, him and the decidedly ugly band members chase her, so does the bear. The bear turns out to be a dude in a bear suit. I don't get it.

So let's recap

hipster cliches include:

- People who look Asian but might just be trying really hard to look Asian
- gigantic glasses that they probs don't even need.
- Polaroids
- people in animal suits
- cemetery
- sepia
- ugly band members with beards

I don't know why it got me so mad. Maybe I'm jealous of people who have no shame because I have been burdened with so much of it.


Gray said...

Plus an extra hipster cliche:
The cemetery is Pere Lachaise in Paris, burial place of that hipster extraordinaire, Jim Morrison (not to mention Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust & Moliere for all those literary hipsters out there).

Oh, and it IS an incredibly annoying video.

Queefer Sutherland said...

ALSO French, doing little bits of french like "j'ai des amis" is hell gay. They're probably not French. They might be.