Thursday, June 4, 2009

Real Talk With Clarke

Can we talk about this?

Gladiator sandals are pretty hard to deal with full stop. They go on my list of footwear that makes me go "I don't know about you as a person" if I see someone wearing them. Other items on the list are pretty obvious: havianas not at the beach, ugg boots not in the privacy of your own home etc. It's all about context. Nike gladiator sandals are either a really hilarious in-joke, like on a girl who's all "These are gross, I know. Isn't it funny??" or they are the things my puke is made of (apart from like one million Reece's Pieces, I can't eat them anymore). I don't know. Do you know?

Love Clare xoxo


Janelle Mentesana said...

I saw these a while ago. Aren't they just nasty. I'm not into Gladiator sandals either, why wear them? are you a Gladiator? ugh people in Europe love them. Poke out my eyes please.

Me said...

These will be really handy when you're:

A) Heading down to the local coliseum for a girls night out.

B) Fighting Cyclops and/or Centaurs.

C) Being the female version of a jerk.

Yeah, Right. said...


I counted all the people in you. There were 18. I was the only one not wearing gladiator sandals. Why do you let such idjuts loiter around in you? Stop it.


Queefer Sutherland said...

Girls night out at the colosseum is my next party theme.