Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I came across this little gem reading my "smoking literature". You know those shitty community newspapers (I actually love them) and really shitty uni student newspapers that are the only things available when you find yourself in your backyard having a relaxing marr? This was in a review of the recent A++ event, Trance Energy.

At the end of the day, it was a pleasure to spend another day with my trance family. I will end by painting a picture for all fence-sitters that are yet to don the dancing shoes to the euphoric sounds of trance. We are a simple community of vastly different individuals looking to belong; bound by the music we love and open to new friends. A community where a stranger is a freind, a friend is an 'accidental' make-out buddy, and, best of all, your close friends transition to family. After all, that is what we are: a family. A group of people who, whilst not all getting along perfectly, share a deep bond that outsiders may never understand. This is why I encourage each and every one of you to put any misconceptions of the dance music community aside and join us, if only for one night. You will be greeted with a warm smile, a hug and a night you will never forget; if you can only manage to remember it.

Well, you've convinced me!


Jimmy Hats said...

Old mates.

Miglet said...

Hippies suck.

They have ruined glow sticks for everyone!

Queefer Sutherland said...

One of my fave Pelican reviews was one where they reviewed Amplifier, you know, as a bar in general, and actually ended with the line "It's a great place where you can go to be different, just like everybody else".

So good.

Also, Patti Chong's daughter used to write some epicly bad CD reviews for it too.

Yeah, Right. said...


Jimmy Hats; YOREMATE

Queefer Sutherland said...

Nah she like, half bred whitey. It's a bummer.

p.s. I know where Patti lives.