Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the nosebleeds

so, i guess i havent been doing alot lately. sometimes its all beers, bikes and babes and others its all work work work, escort 40yr old women too the bathroom (FYI that actually fucking happened).
this means that in my spare time (?) i dont do much except sleep (possible swine flu?) and eat bagels or strawberry flavoured rasins or wear variations of the same tshirtandunderwearcombo.
i do read alot though!

"i have 60c too my name, i want too buy a 50c mixture and then have 10c too my name."

"karate on her eyeballs"


"i took ____ then several hours later awoke on the bathroom floor (naked). IM SO AWAKE!!! im totally wearing clothes now!!!"

"heavy petting and boobmashing"

"blah blah blah get drunk, WHATEVER! oh hey, DP you have the jaw of a superhero and one time in highschool i heard a story about you that involved a cat, masturbation and fire do you want too kiss one time?"

"you are (retarded)"

"today the ground wore my eyes. gracey says the dali-lama is rubbish. i say DIY. i ate nomeatpizza."

"teenage tradgedy"

"places in the world that arent made of stone"

"ulimate boner inducers reprise"

"im only semi drunk"

"a message on my pillow that says nina stay asleep in bed"

"whats that in yr eye? oh, its just a sparkle"

"is its simply a promise of probable fruitless futures?"

"please respect the delicate ecology of my delusions"

"for you see, the things i like about ppl are usually the things that remind me of ppl i like a whole lot more. social scenarios? anyone?"

"yard sale? yard pail? yard fail? get in my yard hot boys from hale?"

"on the one occasion, 5 times!!! i liked it!!! you are good! then we threw the evidence out the window"

"he eats concrete"

"im not just a piece of furniture"

"i eat bean mix"

" a scornfull half smile played on his upcurving lips in answer too the hostile looks of the rowdies."

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