Wednesday, November 12, 2008


okay so over the past few days i have run intoo numerous people from my highschool at my local shopping centre.
2/3 of these people are great humans.
then theres the 1/3.
that one that you dont want too run intoo.
the one where you do that awkward, forced "HI! HOW ARE YOU?" thing and you dont know wethar too stop or not because you just know its going too lead intoo that "so what are you doing these days, are you and (blank) still together? are you at uni" conversations
ie. complete and utter crap that you dont care about because you secretly despise this human.
i went too stop, thinking it was the polite thing too do.
thinking she would be all "yeah im still dancing blah blah"
and i could be all "wow! OMGZ! how you going with that? what a career path hey, one day you might grow up too be one of britneys back up dancers, HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!"
anyway, if i could do it again i wouldve said nothing.

the point of this post is, stupid people are not worth yr time, effort or words.
and by stupid people i dont mean intellectually stupid or even that they dont like the same things as you.
i just mean invest yr time in worthy people and also im so glad im not in highschool anymore.

does everyone else have repressed anger towards the 90% jerks that inhabbited their highschool?


Miglet said...

Yep. Leaving high school is the best thing you will ever do. Ever.

Suzie Perfect said...

I hate jerks too. Real life is full of them too.