Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i was just preparing some resumes for potential employers, painsatkingly handwritten a cover letter then the photocopier starts too run out of ink, then the stapler stabs my finger and i BLEED ON MY RESUME.
i swear too god these things only happen too me, like the time i got toothpaste in my eye.
or yesterday when i fell down gemma jugaloos stairs because i simply "had too see the chair shaped like a hand, look hand on butt!"

yrs retardedly,


Paula said...

I have been reading your blogs, and they have potential to attract a semi-intelligent audience but your grammar and language use is appauling!

Here's a tip
you could atleast use the right to/too.

Ok I'll show you, it's not that hard:

The boy went TO the shop, his sister went TOO.

I swear TO God.

Jamie likes apples TOO.

You need TO learn TO use the right TO/TOO
everyone else will probably agree with me TOO

Got it?

Now try it.

Yours sincerely

A potential fan

Jane Donut said...

Dear Paula,

I am Nina's brayne and she knows she uses the wrong to/too but continues to do so because she's an artist. She ain't gonna try it.



p.s. - be a fan anyway!!

Miglet said...

Speaking of "appauling", your spelling is what is truly appalling, Paula. And if it was a pun on your name, that is even worse!

Leave the kids alone!

Jane Donut said...

I love you Miglet, be my long distance grrrlfriend!

Miglet said...

Love you kids, too.

You make my dreary days tolerable with your witticisms, stark analyses of being a rad chick, and quite frankly, very good advice.

Keep up the good work!