Saturday, November 29, 2008

of stomach and liver

i was dreaming, i was tossing and turning restless in the night... "ninaaaa, get up! nina GET UP! GET THE FUCK UP!" i wake up too find my sister walking out the front door, shes the culprit whoose been yelling and has awoken me from my $150 coma.
my mum has told her too wake me up, maybe its because my room looks like a store just spewed everywhere.
mounds of clothes (all clean ofcourse) littering the floor and an empty suitcase when obviously i should have already packed because i knew we were leaving since like 2 months ago but instead of doing the right thing i go out party, amps buy me and anyone else i know beer and bourbon.
then i journey home too have my head in the toilet for half an hour barfing up whatevers in my stomach for today.
okay so im awake now. i thought i was going too pass out in the shower but I MADE IT!!!
its not hungover, i dont get thoose .. thats all throbbing head and nausea.
its my insides that hurt.
my insides are made of stone and grey.
my insides are not mushy like sedimentary clay.
my insides.


Yeah, Right. said...

get me some new insides, clare ill swap you

Queef Ledger said...

Nah my insides hurt too. You don't want these ones.