Friday, November 21, 2008

the lightbulb is on

today i discovered the unthinkable, obvious.
donald duck is a sailor.
i mean the signs were there all along, the sailors shirt, the hat with the flappy thing that blows in the wind, feet built for swimming at sea.
im not sure what i thought donald was before i discovered this super important, life changing information.
i knew he had heaps of adventures, but never considered the possible option of adventures beyond land.



Yeah-Garth said...

one other thing I find quite perplexing about old Donald is the fact that he wears no pants.
I gotta hand it to him though, no one says a word about it, he's been accepted by friends and family for who he is, a pantless duck.

At least it easy to go to the toilet I guess.

janelle said...

I had a donald duck toy and always wondered why he had no pants and shoes on. He had a lisp too! right? Or is that how ducks talk? ducks dont talk....