Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Toe Jam vs. Ear Wax: The Great Debate.

Today work was so boring that I compiled a list of reasons why ear wax and toe jam are better than eachother in order to decide which was the grossest.

Toe Jam vs /Ear Wax

Not from an orafice /From an orafice

-Probs just sweat and lint /Gooey and yr body created it

-Easier to clean out /Dangerous and annoying to clean out

-Build up won't result in hearing loss /Build up can result in hearing loss

-Makes feet smell (I think) /Duz not make your feet smell

-Kinda out in the open /Hidden in yer ears

-Serves no real purpose /Protects your precious ears

-Tastes great on a cracker /Tastes great on a cracker

But Blurg I still cannot decide, what a wasted 2 hours. Actually if I wasn't writing this I would have been writing my new comic 'Mombutt Loves Shoe'.


Matthew said...


I'm disappointed in you..given the amount of experience you have with the topic, you should be able to spell it by now.

Jane Donut said...

I wrote it at 2am, just because you are a night person doesn't mean that I am.

Jane Donut said...