Friday, November 28, 2008


I know you have been waiting for this your entire life guys. COD have been collecting clothes and junk since before everyone that reads this blog was born* and now we would like to get rid of some of it.

So next Sunday the 7th of December come to Clemmas house in Bohemian Mount Lawley at 2pm and come buy our stuff off us.
Included will be handbags, clothes, pictures, original canvas', stupid shit we bought from op shops we thought we would treasure, shoes, clothes, clothes and more clothes. I think i got some amps (not the dumb indie nightspot) and turntables and records and stuff too.

Might even be able to buy all of this stuff including some SVH books, baskets, feather dusters, fake flowers, and my trusty old satin. Not sure if you can buy guys named Fremantle Tim though.

EMAIL for the address, or whatever bloody address Gemma is using these days.

*cus our moms gave us stuff, duh


Jane Donut said...

When you scan Fremantle Tim at the price scanner at Target, the machine goes ERROR ERROR because he is priceles.

Love Clare xoxo

Yeah, Right. said...

i miss out on all the good stuff while im away, COD yard sale, die!die!die!...
and gracey dont tease amps i know you secretly lob it and you used too lob there and yeah (so did i)
HEY GRACEY CAN YOU SELL MY STUFF TOO? you know like the stuff we prepared for the magic markets?

PS// freemantle tim is jesus