Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Love You Melbourne

This is an off-shoot from my last post alright guys? I fly out on the 13th of December at 7 Firty with a one way ticket to go extend MY ruthlessness as far as possible in Melbourne. Am accepting any donations whatsoever so that I have more money and if you guys wanna buy some fake pills (Smints) off me for placebo effect and just pretend that I didn't rip you off, I'm okay with that too.
My brother was just over there (and still is for another 2 days) and the first night he was there he got totally punched out by his 5'5 90 pound weakling Irish ex girlfriend! GO AJA!
I finally get laid again at 1am Melbourne time 14th of December. Fuck yeah.

Love Gracey.


Jane Donut said...

Please don't talk about you having sex, it makes me asexual.

Yeah, Right. said...

melbourne's for fags you big fag hag.